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Best Swimming Instructor in the local area

Whether you're looking for a swimming instructor for your child or looking to improve on your own technique, at Poddar Swimming Pool we have a wide range of swimming lessons that can be tailored to your needs. We offer group sessions as well as one-to-one lessons in our local pool in the local area. Each and every instructor is fully trained and experienced working with both confident swimmers looking to improve their technique through to nervous first-timers of all ages. If you're interested, get in touch through our booking form

Top-notch instruction

There are several reasons that make our services best for you. We make sure that your swimming lessons are compatible with other daily activities you have to attend to by offering flexible lesson scheduling. We always give our students helpful feedback regarding their progress, and advice on where to improve. We makе surе thе swimming pool, lockеr rooms, showеrs, еtc. arе clеan and tidy. You can trust also us to help you with your fitness programme with our swimming lessons.

Swimming is for life

If you’re after professional guidance, our swimming instructors really are unbeatable. You can expect fully-accredited professionals with an extensive knowledge of sports science and a strong focus on staying safe in the water. Our teachers carefully demonstrate various techniques in the water according to your skill level, and they help boost your areas of strength while improving weaker aspects. We aim to make you a confident swimmer and we deliver every single time – just ask any of our students.

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